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Is there a way to contribute by programming

Hello! As I see there are a lot of feature requests on this forum. Given that you’ve said that beorg generates revenue for one day per month it is a long way to implement all the worthy features you’d selected. Maybe there is a way for volunteers to contribute to the codebase? Could be interesting experience, and bump for the feature list!

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I haven't ruled out making beorg an open source project in the future, although I'm not sure the current code base would be a great start for that. There are some other iOS apps (such as Blink which have open source licenses but also generate sufficient revenue for the developers to spend time working on them. I'm currently restricting my working hours with the children not being in school due to lockdown in the UK, hopefully I'll have more time to think about this once they return to school / their grandparents are able to take them off our hands again when it is safe to do so!

What I was suggesting is not making it open-source, it may indeed be quite hard to do. I suggest letting some interested developers to work on the app, with NDA or something like that.

I would work on this app for free if I could, I am very interested in having well-implemented orgmode agenda on iOS. 

I am not that proficient to make the an orgmode app for myself from scratch, that's why I offer my help here.

I came here to ask this. If you don't have time to deal with this, then  you don't have time. But I am just registering my interest.

It's great to see people who are interested in help improve beorg. At the moment I'm not in a position to have the time unfortunately to work with others on improving beorg - although I do wish that wasn't the case. There is also the difficulty in accounting for any contributions made for a non Open Source project for which I charge money. I have said in the past I haven't ruled out making beorg Open Source if I can work out how I can have beorg continue to contribute to my income (even though at the moment it is a fairly small percentage of my work each month). One impediment to that is that beorg is a mixture of Objective-C and Swift code some of which possibly isn't as clearly written as it could be for others to work with. A start for me might be to rewrite those parts of beorg which parse Org mode files and allow different views to be generated (such as the agenda or the results of a saved search) and Open Source those and then build from there.

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Has situation changed during last year? The declared directions (implementing org-roam support) is quite promising, I am even more interested in contributing to the project.

I'm also now using Org roam. Recently I did some work to bring support for subfolders to Dropbox. I'm hoping to do some further work to make it easier to work with files managed by Org roam in the coming months.

Do you think that you could add more variables to use in the capture file names, such as %title% ?

I saw that works just fine, but usual roam filename also contains the title.

Also, with the shift for roam, some multiple file quick search/lookup functionality is needed, together with link following and backlinks. I believe it is quite a chunk of work, so I am again offering help doing things writing code, of course under NDA and with code owned by you, not open source.

I would also freely contribute code if it were OSS or if I were just given access.
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