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Is there a way to contribute by programming

Hello! As I see there are a lot of feature requests on this forum. Given that you’ve said that beorg generates revenue for one day per month it is a long way to implement all the worthy features you’d selected. Maybe there is a way for volunteers to contribute to the codebase? Could be interesting experience, and bump for the feature list!

I haven't ruled out making beorg an open source project in the future, although I'm not sure the current code base would be a great start for that. There are some other iOS apps (such as Blink which have open source licenses but also generate sufficient revenue for the developers to spend time working on them. I'm currently restricting my working hours with the children not being in school due to lockdown in the UK, hopefully I'll have more time to think about this once they return to school / their grandparents are able to take them off our hands again when it is safe to do so!

What I was suggesting is not making it open-source, it may indeed be quite hard to do. I suggest letting some interested developers to work on the app, with NDA or something like that.

I would work on this app for free if I could, I am very interested in having well-implemented orgmode agenda on iOS. 

I am not that proficient to make the an orgmode app for myself from scratch, that's why I offer my help here.

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