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Web pages shortcut not working

Was wondering if anyone found that the shortcut to save webpages in Beorg stopped working with recent updates. Very useful. Has anyone found a fox?

Could you share the shortcut you are using and I'll take a look and try and reproduce your issue (or a screenshot)

For me it also does not work.

Error message via popup in my shortucts:
"The operation couldn't be complete. (InterchangeCall-backErrorDomain error 0.)" - OK

Just copied from here:

(linked from there:

Maybe I should do the shortcut myself? Not sure if the shortcuts are all compatible between IPhones?!

I found this: Specifying a wrong template name will result in this issue.

So I think it might be that just a wrong template name or not finding the template is the issue.

I renamed my template from "File Web Page" to "webpage" and it worked - might also did have some newline before.

@Matthew: Could a better error message like "Could not find template" help here?

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