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iCloud syncing best practice

I've finally made the leap to org mode on my mac *and* on my iPhone. Everything is working very well, except for one small issue so far I'm unsure about, and that's syncing.

I've found frequently that Beorg will show one version of a file, and when I open the iCloud org files in emacs, I'm seeing an older out of date version. I'm not sure how to fix that. My local org home folder includes:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~appsonthemove~beorg/Documents/org

but the timestamp on this files in emacs dired is not as current as what I see in beorg file view.

What is the trick to making sure beorg saves its changes and emacs picks them up in iCloud? Or, would it be simpler to move to a different syncing method?


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Whilst I've occasionally seen problems with beorg not picking up changes from iCloud (and needing to go into the Files app to trigger iOS into syncing the latest files) I haven't seen it the other way around. What would be interesting for you to check, the next time this happens, is to first look on the Files tab in beorg and check the timestamp reflects the recent changes - and then go into the Files app on iOS and find the beorg folder and see that the file timestamp has also updated. Sometimes iCloud can be frustratingly slow compared to other sync services at reflecting changes across devices - however at the moment it is the only method by which beorg picks up changes automatically without it performing an explicit sync operation.

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