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Pick file location

Please allow to pick location where files are stored in

I use ShelFish to perform synchronization over ssh. The Org mode files from other computers are available in (Location “Secure ShellFish”, then name of the synchronization and then the Unix file hierarchy.

I've also experimented with Secure ShellFish - a great way to access remote files. This is something I want to add to beorg, and have been promising for a while - no ETA yet (particularly with the current lock down and two small children making it more difficult to get everything done I want to) but will be next big feature I tackle.

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Oh, I feel that pain too (locked down in Prague with a baby, afraid of the moment when I start the next SW development job next month... from home).

Good luck and sending a "Large tip" your direction :-D

Looks OK now. This issue can probably be closed.

Thank you very much!

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