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Today widget

I was unfaithful and installed OmniFocus for two months now but currently I think I am back to org and beorg ;)

One thing I liked, especially on the iPad is the today-widget which shows me my tasks for today and gives a button for a quick capture. I attached a screenshot. It would be nice to have something like that for beorg :)


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Welcome back to task management where you data is stored in plain text :)

A Today widget is on my list of features to add - definitely a missing feature at the moment!

No ETA currently - I've got less time at the moment due to two small-ish children and working at home, but want to get back to some big new beorg features soon!

How can I vote for this feature? It's a killer feature... :)

The next beorg update will have an iOS 14 widget for showing your agenda (and to be later expanded to showing lists of items based on saved searches). I'm just ironing out some of the bugs with the widget before releasing the update.

That's great news. I see that now there's already a today complication on Apple Watch. Having this widget in iOS 14, especially with the saved searches functionality added later, would be wonderful.

The update is out now with an agenda widget. I hope to add support for widgets based on saved searches in an upcoming release for more flexibility.

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