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Suggestion: Consider rewriting BeOrg docs in Org format?

If the documentation to Beorg was written in Org text files, you could export it as Texinfo and we could load it up as a node in our Emacs documentation tree for reference.  Of course, it could also be exported as a PDF book or an HTML website.  And all from a single Org file.

Possible bonus - we might help edit it for you.

I did originally have the beorg documentation written in an Org file, however the conversion to HTML by the static generator I use for the website kept having issues with some aspects of it (Hugo). As such it was easier at the time to convert it to Markdown and work with that instead. It might be worth me trying again to see if the Hugo handling of more complex Org files has improved and convert back into org mode.

I haven't used Hugo, but I see in the docs that it's added ORG in it's Front Matter section, so you could add Hugo variables to Org files.  I also see an ox-hugo export backend package on Melpa that you could load into Emacs to generate Hugo Markdown directly from the Org files.

Oh! The docs for ox-hugo are here:   Ox-Hugo Docs

Oh! the docs for ox-hugo are here:  Ox-Hugo Docs

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