beorg 3.6.1

This update has two new features:

1. A new button on the item editor toolbar to add dated notes. When editing an item, by tapping an entry on the Agenda or Tasks tab, you can tap a toolbar button to add a quick note which will automatically include the current date and time.

2. If want to use WebDAV with a local server with a self-signed certificate, or a server on the Internet for which you can't create a trusted certificate (for example by using then you can now instruct beorg to allow untrusted certificates for WebDAV sync. Be careful with this feature and only use with a server you trust. This setting won't affect anything else on your device or in beorg - only WebDAV sync.

If you enjoy using beorg then you can support development in a number of ways:

+ Leaving a review on the App Store.

+ Purchasing a beorg Premium subscription to unlock all extensions.

+ If you don't like subscriptions then you can permanently unlock just the beorg extensions you want.

+ Telling others about beorg on Twitter, Reddit, your blog, ... This is a great way of introducing more users to the benefits of beorg (and Org mode!)

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