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Beorg not syncing with icloud

I've checked on and the files in the beorg folder are in sync with my mac. However, they are not syncing on either of my phones (even recently updated files say they were last modified 6 days ago). Help!

I've checked that I'm online, updated to the latest beorg app, and have gone to files and pressed the sync button. I am still listed as syncing with icloud in the config.

It's usually a problem with the app which iOS runs in the background to keep stuff in sync. Usually restarting your device kick starts it and fixes sync issues. This seems to have been more of an issue since recent iOS 13 releases - hopefully Apple will improve for iOS 14.

I’m also seeing this problem on my 2018 iPad Pro. I’ve hard restarted and no effect. I even deleted and reinstalled the app.

Look in the Files app at the beorg folder in iCloud Drive. Does this show the time stamps you would expect on the files which aren't synchronising? Sometimes doing this kickstarts iCloud. Syncing has seemed to have more issues with iCloud in later releases of iOS. I'm hoping iOS 14 improves things. I will continue to look to see what I can do to improve things.

I'm seeing time stamps that are lagging anywhere from half a day to just an hour or two behind. My iPad synced correctly overnight, but both it and my iPhone are now lagging. Visiting the file directory in the files app doesn't seem to have done anything. Would you advise moving to dropbox syncing until this is fixed (where the 'fix' might have to be on apple's end)? My main problem with dropbox syncing is that (or at least this used to be the case) actions on file items were blocked until a sync was performed. This made successive changes on todo statuses (for example) a bit annoying. 

On the iPhone were the timestamps of the files lagging as reported by the Files app? One thing to check is that iCloud can use cellular data - potentially that is tripping things up. Unfortunately iCloud is a bit of a black box on iPhone, great when it works but not when there are issues.

Switching to Dropbox might be worth doing if this doesn't resolve itself. Whilst the successive change issue is still there in beorg there is now bulk editing of items which might be a good workaround if you want to mark off multiple items at once.

Thanks - they both have since synced. It just seems to be very slow. As far as I can tell they can use cellular data. If it keeps being a problem I'll go back to Dropbox until the next iOS update. 

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