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Org file links to tasks with org-id rather than file links

**** ToDos which are not tracked by my system [0/2]

- [ ] [[*Call dad for his birthday][Call dad for his birthday]]

- [ ] [[id:1591BCFC-3188-4344-9BE7-E28D7704CEB4][Call dad for his birthday]]

If I view the above file in Beorg, the first link works fine, but the second link gives me this error:

Open Link

This link couldn't be opened. It might require a specific app is installed from the App Store.

The purpose of the links is to be able to quickly find the original task to mark it DONE while having a handy short DailyPlan to focus on the tasks for today.


Is it feasible to support id links in Beorg?

Although I could use file links and that would be fine for my Beorg use case of only dealing with the current DailyPlan, it does break reviewing historical plans on the Mac as the file links will break when I archive entries from my main org agenda files.



I'm trying to implement this workflow:

I use a that is a datetree structure and for each date it lists my top 3 tasks I want to get done today along with some other tasks I may not be tracking in my other Agenda org files. In the referenced video below, Rainer describe how he uses a function to copy the org link from the agenda and paste the link into the DailyPlan file. I have this implemented and working on my Mac.

Rainer König

Orgmode-TV: How do I plan my days

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I replied to this via email and missed that it had an associated forum topic. Yes, I will look into this - it should be fairly easy to implement.

I love to see this feature available! 

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I am bumping this topic because I often use [[id:...]] style links and would also love to see this feature implemented.

It would be nice if links worked from notes and sub items titles, not only from the item names.


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