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Updates on Git with BeOrg?

I'm starting to try to use github with my setup of the following:

1. Windows-10 running full Cygwin with Emacs and Org

2. A Chromebook running Linux-Beta with Emacs and Org

3. An iPhone running Working Copy and BeOrg (may add more for family)

Hand tremors are slowing me down on this, but #1 and #2 work fine now.  Working Copy seems to work fine in #3 in that my Git directory is pulled locally to an iCloud drive directory.

Originally, I tried setting it up to sync using the WebDav setup, but Working Copy kept turning off the webdav server when I switched to beorg (for security).  So I switched to trying to use the iCloud sync method and it originally looked like it worked, but now it won't.  

My repository is "WCopy".  The iCloud/WCopy directory has been populated by Working Copy.  The iCloud/beorg/WCopy directory, though, has not.  What else can I look for?


When I say that it originally worked, I mean that BeOrg was seeing files from my repository, but I don't know if that was files in iCloud/WCopy or iCloud/beorg/WCopy.  After I went about resetting things up to check what I did, it wouldn't work anymore.  I removed the iCloud/beorg/WCopy directory to try to force BeOrg to recreate it.  It recreated it, but never filled it.  How is it supposed to work?

The WebDAV sync method only really works well on iPad when you can have both apps open using split-screen. iOS otherwise doesn't allow background usage for things such as a WebDAV server.

You should be able to setup a synced folder in Working Copy, point that folder at the beorg directory in iCloud and then initialise a git repository there. You can also do some fiddling and setup a remote and force pull on top of the directory created by beorg.

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