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The inbox file duplications itself

Sometime there’s inbox file have been duplicated by the app. Like there’s several inbox files appearing instead of the only one (e.g inbox, inbox etc). Another files except the only in which I add items by share extension are not affected by this behavior. The issue appears when I save some items by beorg share extension. I think this happens as you mentioned in Twitter with because of file version conflict. And I think it happens because of I’m making items add with different devices without app opening. Like I’m browsing articles with the iPhone, add some to beorg (not opening it), then after a while browsing some articles from my iPad and add some from it.

Thanks for adding this to the forum. I will take a look into this. Your initial analysis sounds correct - it is because items are being shared from multiple devices however beorg only incorporates shared items into files when it comes into the foreground. At that time it is likely that different versions of the files are being updated because this is happening on multiple devices. I'll have to think if there is a way of mitigating this. Whilst plain text files (which beorg uses) are great they don't necessarily play well with this kind of behaviour unfortunately.

Here’s the look of the inbox file on the both devices after about 15 minutes after two urns adding on iPad. They didn’t synced in background yet.
Also maybe something like `git merge union` behavior could made this issue less annoying? There will no guarantee about order, but at least there will be guarantees about data completeness.

Syncing in the background on iOS is something over which the app only has limited control. Whilst the app can request that a background refresh happens it is iOS that ultimately controls how often that actually takes place. So a background sync happening within 15 minutes is unfortunately optimistic - it might be a few times a day.

I will look into how this can be improved but a fix is not likely to be immediate. You might be better creating a Shortcut and using that to share to beorg. Take a look at for an example of this.

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