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WebDAV Folder support

Dear beorg developer,

first of all many thanks for this great application. I use it everyday and I'm happy with it :).

I started recently using the WebDAV integration part and I came up that it would be nice for beorg to support navigation inside nested folders structure to access  .org files inside. Would it be possible to implement such a feature? I'm willing to sponsor the feature if required.



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I have done some reading about Org-roam, but have yet to try it out - mainly because beorg doesn't yet support folders! I will certainly have a play with it when designing how beorg should handle notes, links, etc.

That's great to hear. Thanks for the update!

Just curious since you mentioned Zettelkasten, have you taken a look at Org-roam? It is a package that enables Zettelkasten ideas in Org-mode.

The forum is the best place to make these requests visible. This is high up on my list of "next big features" to tackle - it will open up more possibilities for beorg such as note taking/Zettelkasten once it is no longer restricted to just one directory.

Hey! Any update on tracking nested org files? Where can this feature be tracked?

The best way of supporting beorg is via the in-app tips and/or purchasing a subscription or individual extensions.

It isn't unfortunately possible to specify what feature you want to see when tipping - it also wouldn't necessarily be honest to allow that (new feature development is expensive and even the largest tip from a single user would only match a small percentage of what is needed to implement it).

Although Apple take their 30% with these methods when I tried providing PayPal details for a previous app a few years ago I found that the admin burden of accounting for money received was actually quite high!

Thanks for your support of beorg.

Hi Matthew,

thanks for your answer. I'me very happy to hear that this is already a requested feature. I would like to sponsor your work. Shall I do it from within the application or you prefer other ways?



This is a much requested feature (supporting folders) - I do hope to get to this in the next couple of months (unfortunately a lot of the code currently makes assumptions about there being no folders so it is quite a bit internal change).

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