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Sort order for todos is strange

Hi, First of all: thanks for a great app! For the most part it works splendidly. Unfortunately, it has one quirk that I find rather annoying and I was wondering if that could be changed. The order in which tasks are shown is determined by the order in which they occur in the file. This has the unfortunate side effect that tasks without a scheduled date (which must be done immediately) are interspersed with tasks that do, even if the scheduled date is sometime in the future. What would make more sense to me is if these tasks were shown at the top of the list. (Or, the way it works in Emacs, to have the tasks view only show tasks that are not scheduled). Would it be possible to add a feature for sorting the tasks view? Thanks,

You do make a valid point about the sort order. I intend in a future release to allow the user to define a sort order for both the agenda and TODO tabs.

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Ah, ok, figured it out. Apparently tapping the tab next to “Show all” opens a menu with filters that allows you to show todos without dates only. Not sure if this is all that discoverable, but that might just be me. Please ignore this request, then.
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