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Support image links/attachments in notes

 It's often useful to create notes with a file or image attachment,

it would be nice to have that be supported in BeOrg

No need for them to be styled inline, just supporting opening relative paths like
[[./data/some_image.png][My Image]] within the synced folder and the "open in"
share sheet would be enough

Right now it seems to treat the some_image.png as another org file instead (version 3.4.0)

Big fan of BeOrg, thanks for the effort

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Adding attachments right from BeOrg would be huge. If this feature were to be deployed I would dump Evernote in a second!

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There are a number of challenges to bringing attachment support - for example adding/editing attachments, handling potentially large numbers of attachments some of which may be very large, and the number of sync services that is supported by beorg. Potentially when I get around to allowing users to choose an arbitrary source as the sync location this might become more possible - especially if the local beorg sync is removed and the org files are edited directly (potentially with the option to stage changes).

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I would vote for the feature. :)

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