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Property inheritance

 It would be great if beorg can support property inheritance.

In my org setup, I often use this when I want to "suspend" a project. Once a project (top level task with PROJ todo status) has this property set, all subtasks are marked as inactive and do not show up on my agenda.

See snippet below for example.



* PROJ Improve beorg setup        :@computer:
** NEXT Improve context mapping                               
** TODO Add new filter for old tasks       


 What I'd like to be able to do in beorg is to implement a filter that will prevent the tasks (2nd level headings above) from showing up.

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I've made a note to investigate this at some point in the future. One option for the time being would be to use a tag to indicate a project is suspended and then create a Scheme search to filter everything not containing that tag.

Thanks. That's exactly what I'm doing for the moment and it works fine.

When I designed my org workflow, I had reserved my tags for contexts (work, home etc.). As a result I used properties for things like project status (suspended, someday etc.). However using tags for both works just fine.

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