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Editing Tags

Hi all, I have been pulling my hair out but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to edit tags that have been set? Basically I made a typo with one of the names of the tag and want to edit it. But how??!

You can create a new tag with correct spelling, tag with it all tasks that were tagged with the bad spelling tag. Then you can remove bad spelling tag from all tasks, that would remove the misspelled tag. That sounds more complicated then it is . You  can  use search function to find all tasks with the misspelled tag and then select them all and use “add tag” and 0remove tag” for all of them. Hope that helps. 

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Thanks. There is now no tasks with the misspelled tag in use BUT the misspelled tag still shows up in the tags menu picker as one of the tags to be used. It doesn’t go away automatically. How do I remove it from the menu list? Thank you!

Please, try to restart Beorg. And check again. Thanks.  

That did the trick. Thanks!

You are welcome!

This will become slightly easier in the next update with the introduction of bulk editing.

Regarding a misspelled tag - beorg keeps a cache of tag names in memory which it uses to provide suggestions, this is reset if beorg is restarted.

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