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Allow syncing with 2 dropbox directories - work and home


I would love the ability to keep my work files separate from my home tasks/todos. I woudl prefer if my home files never touched my work laptop. 

Is there any way to do this? 

Ideally we would have one directory for work files and one dir for home files. 

I would pay $20 for this feature alone as it means I can finally go back to using this app for all todos.

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This is something I've been promising for a *long time* and do hope to get around to in the first few of months of 2020. I've got to bite the bullet and rewrite quite a bit of code which refers to files - I boxed myself in a little with the initial implementation and have continued to. However it will be well worth it.

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I would really appreciate it. 

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Maybe not 2, but what about n folders?

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When I get around to implementing this there wouldn't be any hard limits of the number of folders.

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I also wish this feature to implemented. I have work & home directories with few sub folders each.

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Would be happy to beta-test. I've used org mode with multiple folders for many years.
The other option is to support symbolic links. That is, of an 'org-links' folder in dropbox that has symbolic links to .org files in multiple other folders. This may be less robust, though, as dropbox has changed how they handle symbolic links in the past. 


Any news on this. It would be very useful to add more than one folder to sync, allow us to select independently if we want to include subfolders for each folder we added to sync.

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Right now I have a personal org git repo and a work org git repo and they share the same directory, which requires some truly heinous git configuration.  I'd love to see this feature.

Any update on this?

I have similar use case.

 I basically the following folder structure


- *.org files
- personal 
   - *.org files
- project
 - *.org files

 PS: Awesome job on the app. Keep up the great job!

Dropbox does now support syncing of subfolders, although currently not enabled by default as it is labelled as experimental. If you would like to enable add the following to your

(set! sync-subfolders #t)

If you haven't created an before see

I would suggest that you create a backup of these org files before trying the subfolder sync with beorg.

@matthew I just looked at the Dropbox website and they say that syncing sub folders is only available with Dropbox Business accounts, not with personal accounts. If you have a pointer to info about this new sub folder syncing capability, will you please post it? Thanks!

I think the Dropbox website will be referring to the capabilities in their Dropbox client and selective syncing or some other paid Dropbox feature. beorg has its own synchronization code which analyzes the files within a directory to determine what needs downloading from your Dropbox files and what needs uploading from the files beorg stores locally on your device.

oh! I see.  You said "Dropbox does now support syncing of subfolders" so I went looking there.  I think what you meant to say was "Beorg now supports syncing of subfolders hosted on Dropbox." Right?

Yes, sorry - I did mean that beorg itself supports syncing of subfolders on Dropbox. Once I've implemented subfolder support on all the sync methods support by beorg then it will be enabled by default.

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