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Quick state change of tasks

I have often a situation, where I need to quickly set several task to done state. At the moment there the swipe to left gesture to set a task to another state, but when you perform the swipe gesture, a new menu opens where one can select a state to choose. It would be very nice if the swipe to left gesture could be extended, so that you can choose if the menu opens (which of course is very helpful) or if a preselect state (defined in the settings) is set.

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Bulk editing of tasks is coming in the next version of beorg. It doesn't work quite as you've described - you'll be able to select multiple items and then choose what properties you'd like to change, and then commit to all at once.

Would it be possible to add bulk editing to the single files as well and not only to the Agenda? When I have a shopping list for the Supermarket those items do not end up in the agenda gambit it would be great to easily set those to done that I put into my shopping cart.

I found out that I can do it via the task-list and saved searches.

Yes, you are correct in that you can do this via the Tasks tab and a search, I myself use beorg like this when clearing out tasks. However your original suggestion is a good one. Ideally I need to spend some time on the outliner and make some improvements to usability, this being one of them. With the current lockdown in the UK, and working at home, I've got a bit less time to spend on development (both beorg and my freelance work) at the moment due to my two young children - however I will want to make improvements to the outliner when possible as will be a big boost to the usability of beorg.

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