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I am not sure if it is me or the feature is really not supported, but I've found no way to use (mark and toggle) checkboxes of the form - [ ] in beorg.

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Checkboxes can be toggled when rendered on the item editor screen. For example:

+ Create a new item

+ Tap Edit Notes

+ Enter your list

+ Return to the previous screen

+ You can now toggle the checkboxes - the results will be saved (and the entered - [ ] updated appropriately)

Please note that if you try an export of an entire file then the checkboxes displayed cannot be edited in the rendered view.

I’m also having trouble figuring out how to get to the view that lets you toggle checkboxes (I assume by tapping on them). The most I can do is type an x when I’m in the note mode. Am I missing something? Thanks!

If you view an item from the Agenda or Tasks tab then you'll find you can check and uncheck the checkboxes in the notes section. You can get to the same screen from the outliner by tapping the arrow button (right hand side) when an item is selected and the Notes tab is visible.

I'm sorry, I don't understand how to do this.

I create a file called "shopping" and in the file is a heading "Shopping" and under it are checkboxes for beer and 
fly spray 

 [ ] Beer

 [ ] Flyspray

Now I can't see any of that in the Agenda or Tasks.

So I open the file in Files and see the heading and the two items.

If I tap on "beer" I get the item view and if I click on the ">" at the right I get item edit view but nowhere to tick the box, I can only tap to set state, which only gives me the choices I should get for a ToDo item.

How am I supposed to enter a shopping list I can check off?

If you are using the full screen editor for notes then above the keyboard is a toolbar. The 4th button from the left starts a checklist. A checklist would then look like this:


+ [ ] Item 1
+ [X] Item 2
+ [ ] Item 3

 When you save the notes and go back to the item editor you'll now be able to tick off items in the checklist (and that will be reflected in the text representation - for example above Item 2 has been checked off). In your example you were missing the '+ ' for each list item. Hopefully that should solve your problem.

If you want to see this in the agenda you'll need to provide a date, for example when you intend on going shopping. In the item editor tap Scheduled and then select the date. To see it in the Tasks tab it will need to be made into a task by setting the state to TODO.

If you use beorg frequently for creating shopping lists you can create a template which can then quickly access by swiping up on the capture button. You could also then create a saved search so you can quickly access just your shopping lists from the tasks tab.

If you are new to beorg you may find it useful to take a look at some tutorials -

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Thank you Matthew,

It was the plus signs that made the difference. Org-mode only looks for the '[ ]'. I had looked at the tutorial but didn't realise the significance of the '+'.

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