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Configuring notifications?

I mostly use schedule dates for filtering items. I'd prefer to have notifications only fire for items that have a due date -- right now, things are very noisy. However, it looks like scheduled items also fire notifications, and I can't seem to find a way to turn that off. Is that possible? I can see that there's some configuration for badging, is there something like that for notifications?

That isn't possible at the moment, however it is something worth me looking at to make notifications more flexible. What sort of customisation over notifications are you looking before beyond what types of dates are used to determine if a notification gets scheduled?

I was looking for something like badging, where you could write a filter function -- that seems most flexible, and would be easy to test. But in my case specifically, I would like to only get notified for items that have a due date / time, on their due date / time. I would like items that only have a schedule date or show on date not to trigger notifications.

Additionally it would be very handy, if one can setup a repeated notification (like repeat a notification every 5 or 10 minutes until a notification is acknowledged). I tend to forget to take immediately action an some notifications, and so I would do the needed action later. It would also be nice if one has the possibility to select a time (like remind me in x minutes later again) to get again a reminder.
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