beorg 3.4.0

Thanks to everyone who have contributed suggestions on how to make the thinking person's to-do app even better.

This release introduces a new extension for encrypting individual items using OpenPGP - an IETF encryption standard. Encryption works with an items notes and subitems - and is great for confidential information you want to keep in beorg. OpenPGP symmetric encryption is supported (that is an item is encrypted with a password) - and your encryption password is securely stored in the Keychain and uses Touch ID/Face ID for quick unlocking. If you use Emacs and Org mode the beorg implementation is compatible with EasyPG. (Please note full file encryption not yet supported).

For full details about encryption in beorg see Encryption is available via a beorg Premium subscription or can be unlocked via an in-app purchase.

Also in this release:

+ Faster interface for adding multiple items using the "Save +" button
+ If you have beorg Premium or the Templates extension then you can now set a template to use as a default when you tap Quick Capture
+ Improvements to accessing saved searches
+ Search your notes
+ The TODO tab is now Tasks
+ Fix for an issue where certain characters at the start of a file could lead to the wrong file encoding being deduced

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You are on a roll with updates. I knew it was worth purchasing premium!

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