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Apple watch support

It is great that the Apple watch is supported, but it would be much improved if one could change the state of a task on it and have that change synced back to the iOS app. Is that on the radar for future implementation?

Thank you

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Just wanted to express support for this as well. Would be great to at least be able to mark tasks as done. 

I have rather neglected the Apple Watch support for a while now in terms of new features/improving the existing functionality. I do hope at some point to spend some time on improving this, but nothing is planned yet.

I would love an option to add new items using the Apple Watch app. I have two templates that I use to quickly add random notes/todos to my inbox, and it would be great if I could dictate those notes into my watch to quickly add them to my inbox. I'm not sure if this would be easier than the "Siri Shortcuts" feature you've mentioned working on, but it would be another option for at least more simple templates.

 It would be cool if the next agenda Item could be displayed in this view instead of just „beorg“:


In beorg - just long press an item on the Agenda or TODO tab to quickly change state or add a note.

Other users of Apple Watch seem to be looking for the one button "this is DONE" UI in Beorg as well.

Currently the Apple Watch app is very basic. I need to plan some improvements to it, as you suggest such as changing the state of a task. This isn't currently planned but I do hope to look at in the near future.

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