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Best way to manage contacts?

I'm looking for a way to store contact information in org. It looks like org-contacts uses a property drawer to store things like birthdays, and then %%(org-contacts-anniversaries in a file picked up by the agenda.

Is there a way to manage contacts in org documents which would be friendly with both emacs & beorg? 

The most elementary feature would be having birthdays & anniversaries  show up on the agenda (not necessarily a TODO). But I have other recurring events, projects, and todos I'd like see in the context of a contact's personal info. 

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I'll look to add support for the property BIRTHDAY to indicate that a contact should be displayed in the agenda on the anniversary. Once this is in place then beorg should work well with contacts created by org-contacts templates - including searching for specific properties using the standard beorg search.

I'm going to look at some point in the near future giving beorg a UI to edit an item's properties, potentially with support for template sets of properties - which would then make creating new contacts from beorg easy to support via a template.

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