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Which flags can I use in badge-filter? Can I use a function?

I would like to set badge-filter to count only tasks that are overdue, incomplete and have priority A. Which flag is best for my purpose? Should I use a function instead?

I haven’t been able to find the flags documented anywhere, so I’m writing this support request to hopefully help the next person too.


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The badge-filter uses the standard beorg search. See for an overview of this, or from the agenda or TODO tab tap search and there is a guide available by tapping the ? on the toolbar above the keyboard.

You should be able to use "o k p a" (which translates as overdue, incomplete, priority a). I've just done a quick test and should do what you want.

You can test this without restarting beorg, start up the REPL and type:

(set! badge-filter "o k p a")

Then background beorg and see if the badge number looks right. If it does then add this to your

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