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Choosing a default section for new tasks

I'd like to organize some of my files into “Tasks”, “Recurring tasks” and a few other sections, but I'd like to have new tasks end up (indented one level) under “Tasks” by default. Is this possible to configure in org-mode/beorg?

Choosing a default template will likely be in the next release. It is simple to implement and will very useful for all kinds of workflows.

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Thanks! Works great! (Would love to be able to choose a default template, but it's not a huge issue in my case.)

You can create a beorg template to do this and add "Tasks" to the subtree section. Currently though you would need to select this template each time - maybe I need to look into being able to select a default template.

In Org mode you similarly create capture templates, for example I have one called TODO which I use 99% of the time defined as follows:

    (setq org-capture-templates

          '(("t" "TODO" entry (file+headline "" "Tasks")

             "* TODO %?\n  %i")


So when I press t to select the TODO template when my entry gets saved it gets added to a Tasks section.

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