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Syncing notification is overly prominent

 I spend a lot of time reading PDFs in Books and switching over to Beorg to write a note. Each time I do so Beorg syncs with the server. The notification takes up a lot of screen space on an iPhone SE and appears twice if you happen to be editing text. It's frustrating to not be able to see the text I'm editing for a few seconds each time I switch app, especially if I'm in airplane mode and it can't sync anyway.

If it necessary to notify the user that syncing is occurring, could the icon be less intrusive? Failing that, could the second one appearing in the notes section be removed?

(95.8 KB)

That is an oversight having the sync notification appear twice when the notes area is visible - I've fixed that in the latest code as a very simple change. I've also added a Scheme variable sync-hide-progress which you can set to #t in your to hide the sync progress view if you find it unhelpful/too obtrusive.

These changes will be in the next release of beorg (in the next couple of weeks).

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Thanks for the very quick response!

That is a great addition and it works well. In the same vein, could we also get an option to hide the big blue banner that pops up when you complete a recurring item? It is a bit distracting and takes up a lot of screen space. For my recurring items I know their interval already anyway. Cheers

I've added a new variable org-repeat-update-show-banner which will allow you turn off the banner when repeating tasks get updated. This will be in 3.5.0 currently with Apple for review following some final bug fixes.

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That worked great, thanks a lot!
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