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Hourly repeating tasks

It would be great if beorg supported hourly repeating tasks. I’ve tried setting hourly repeats by editing the org files (for example, by adding “+8h” at the end of a date stamp) but then the app no longer recognizes this as a date. Hourly repeats appear to be part of the orgmode spec:

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Currently the way that beorg constructs the agenda and schedules notifications makes supporting hourly repeating tasks harder than it possibly should do. This might become possible in the future but no plans in the short term to do this. Thanks for the suggestion though! What is your use case for hourly tasks?

Thanks for getting back to me.  I had a very specific use case in mind when I made the suggestion: my son had the flu and needed to take medication for his fever every 6 hours.  With any luck, I won't need this again...

Not sure if this has become any easier to implement, but +1 for this feature if it has.

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