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TODO Preset Searches

Can these be edited? I have this DEFERm in my presence search list. Not sure how to remove. It is not a saved search and I see no way to clear that out. Besides the DEFERm. Would love to be able to only use my saved searches and not these preselected? Any ideas how to get rid of DEFERm that’s there in error? And secondly less important anyway to remove the other preselected options where it only shows my saved searches? Thank you anyone who can help.

OK disregard my first one I’m an idiot. My state was actually misspelled!! Ughh! Second one still stands, anyway to edit/remove these presets so my saved searches appear first?

Hello - to remove the preset saved searches you need to create an file and add the following:

(set! filter-include-default #f)

There is an article on this in the learning section of the beorg website. Check out for full details.

Totally worked and not sure how I missed it in the tutorials.
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