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Great work Matthew!!! This app has come along way! Quickly purchased two extensions to show support and to save searches! Request is for a zoom in feature like in org-mode. My files have alot of hierarchy ( as I’m sure most others do!) I find on beorg the view screen can really get jammed up if you get a few layers deep. To zoom in at the sub tree level can make the embedded levels much easier to view. Think Workflowy, that app does this function very well. I think adding this feature could position beorg as an even more worthy alternative to Workflowy!! Was thinking like if you long click, option to zoom could be right next to export. My humble feature request. (1 more on the way)

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Yes precisely like that you mentioned!! Glad to help! (I have only one more feature request I want to submit and then I just get to enjoy all that this software already does!

I have been considering a focus mode which would show only a particular subtree - I guess this is pretty much what you are suggesting here. I have tried Workflowy a long time ago, I'll take a look to see what they do here. Thanks for the input!

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Added a screenshot to illustrate. I’m on a 6S Plus If I could zoom in it works push everything further to left and not so jammed up. Thanks for listening!!

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