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Is there a way to automatically expand headings when a file is opened?

Hi all!

    First off, let me say that I love beorg. I use it quite a bit to view some of my org files (I have a LOT of them) and it’s great.

    I’ve started using the Shortcut mentioned here to capture web pages (I’m trying to cut down on the number of open tabs in Safari and store links where I can actually find them). It works great. I have the subtrees setup as in the example, and all goes well.

    The only thing that’s not quite right is that every time I open the file, all the headings are collapsed. I have to manually open them. Is there a way I could get the headings to expand when I open the file? I’m good with some macros, REPL or whatever...

Please help! This is such a great tool!


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Not currently unfortunately. The only option which may help a little it to disable "Item notes are folded" on the Settings tab. If you could provide some more details as to what control beorg could give you here that would be great.

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