beorg 3.1.0

The big news for this update is support for iOS 13 Dark Mode, together with some improvements to the text editor and a few bug fixes and other improvements.

All users on iOS 13 will be able to use the system Dark Mode in beorg 3.1.0. For those users who have purchased the previous dark mode extension you'll now have access to the legacy dark mode theme and a new theme based on the Solarized color scheme.

The agenda now has a new button on the date bar to allow you to jump directly to a date rather than navigating one week at a time.

The text editor has been enhanced with better support for checklists - including a button to start a new checklist and automatic continuation of checklists.

If you've been tripped up in the past by beorg insisting on UTF-8 file encoding you'll be pleased to know that beorg will make an attempt to read a file saved by another app regardless of its file encoding. Please note however that beorg will only save UTF-8 encoded files.

There are some improvements to beorg's handling of Reminders, and some other minor bug fixes to improve your task management experience.

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The checklist button in the editor and the date button in the agenda view are excellent feature additions! Thank you.

I like the dark solarised scheme. How about a light version as well?

The Solarised scheme should automatically change to a light variant when iOS has dark mode turned off.

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