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FR: toggle HTML and MD

I’m frequently switching between HTML and MD exports. Would be great to have a more accessible toggle button and keyboard shortcut to switch between the two rather than needing to reconfigure in settings each time

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I'll add specific keyboard shortcuts for each export type. I'll also think more about easier access in the UI to quickly export as a specific format when not using an external keyboard.

Out of interest what is your use case for frequent switching between formats? I'm always interested to hear how people are using the app.

Great to hear

I’m a strategy consultant and write all day in different apps like Ulysses, Drafts, Bear, and iA Writer, often with final destinations like Word, PowerPoint, and Mail. I’m nearly 100% iOS, and tables are a challenge in all of these apps. While I do a lot with excel and numbers, I also structure a lot of text information in tables for comparison of concepts in addition to formulas and numbers

By the way, thanks for the great update! Rich Text option is particularly  helpful

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