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Background sync


I'm loving beorg and it plays a central role in my task management.

I am using the WebDAV sync method. I have quite some recurring tasks (habits) as part of my daily actions. When ticking off many tasks in a row, this process takes quite some time, as after each state change (from the agenda view) takes a few seconds due to beorg immediately syncing with the WebDAV server and blocking the interface in the mean time.

It would be awesome if beorg could sync in the background, or at least allow to disable the immediate sync on state change, so I can make my changes and press the sync manually.

I haven't tried other sync methods such as Dropbox.

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This is something I need to look at. The only sync method currently which doesn't have this issue is iCloud.

Glad to hear you are enjoying beorg. I will try and get this sorted as it is annoying for non-iCloud users when you have to wait for a sync to finish before starting another operation.

FWIW, I've seen the blocking behavior even with iCloud.  If it makes a difference, I'm syncing to an iCloud folder that is also a Working Copy repository.

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