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constant, reproducible crashes in 3.0.0 (136)

 Hi Matthew,

I've been using beorg for about 1.5 years and I don't remember ever seeing a crash until the past week or so.  Since the very day that  the 3.0.0 upgrade was installed, every time I push the "+" (capture) button on the agenda page, the app crashes.  Every time I tap on an agenda item to view it, the app crashes.  Every time I tap on an item on the todo page, the app crashes.  But the files page seems to work normally.

How can we go about debugging this?  Is there an option to save crash information?

Also, I would be happy to be a Test Flight user if you are looking for more beta testers.  It's my last name at

Many thanks,


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For reference on the forum I've supplied Bill with a build of 3.0.1 and it fixes the issue. This will be generally available next week on the App Store. Sorry for anyone experiencing this issue!

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