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iOS 13 Shortcuts : Parameters and Conversational

Is there a plan to make use of the new iOS 13 Shortcut features to provide Parameterized shortcuts to add to ease of automation? 

I love that beorg has a URL scheme but URL schemes are kin of clunky to use and require a lot of manual massaging in a shortcut. 

I would happily pay (or subscribe) for such a feature. 

Yes, this is something I want to look at. If you have any specific use cases you would like to see covered please add to this topic.

Adding an element through siri voice commands would be amazing with shortcuts: Me: “Hey Siri, add an item to beorg” Siri: “Sure, in what file should I add your item?” Me: “groceries” Siri: “go ahead” Me: “milk” Shortcuts would only need access to the list of files and a way to read/write/append to a file.
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