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[Crash] [3.0.0 (136)] Cannot reschedule some events

After the new update, I have crashes when trying to reschedule some events from the Agenda tab. 1. Go to Agenda 2. Select an event (known to crash) 3. Schedule it to a different date and 4. Hit “Save” when the app crashes. This does not happen with all events but will happen 100% of the time with certain events. They can come from different org files. Manually editing the file via the “Files” tab does not crash.
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Thank you for reporting this issue. Could you share the Org text of an event that is known to crash? I'm quite close to releasing version 3.0.1 which fixes a number of issues, it is possible that this would also be fixed by 3.0.1. If you would like to help test 3.0.1 please let me know by raising a support ticket with your email address.

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