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I see subfolder is mentioned in BeOrg Capture a Picture Task, is it still on the roadmap?

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I haven't had any recent requests for beorg to work with non-text items. I'll keep monitoring interest to see if this is something that I need to look at sooner rather than later.

Thanks Mathhew. Other than non text recourses, I organize my org files in separate folders, for example gtd for task files, and note for all my notes, etc. Supporting subfolders can let Beorg download all of them instead of single folder.

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I do something similar to Yuji Shen. I have a general org folder and a subfolder for my daily notes (which I actually then sort in to folders for each year). This works well on my computer, or even using a thing like org-web, but doesn't quite work out with Beorg.

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Would like to second the request for subfolder support, it's really the only thing that keeps beorg from being the perfect tool for me. 

I don't care about seeing a folder hierarchy in the app, or even being able to see what folder they're in at all in the app, I just want an option to recursively load all the .org files from a dropbox folder.

For my own sanity  I don't like to mix "work" items and "personal" items, which I do by keeping them in separate folders with a shared  I would like to be able to work with all of my notes in beorg, but I don't want to intermingle them on disk.  Right now I have to choose if I'm using beorg for work or for personal by switching the org directory back and forth in the configuration menu. 

I agree. This would be very useful. I would be just as happy with a flat representation of the notes, as long as they are being displayed at all. Of course a hierarchical representation would be even better, but anything else would be welcome too. 

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