beorg 3.0.0

beorg 3 introduces two new extensions - and a beorg Premium subscription to unlock everything. EXPORT THEMES allows you to choose from three different themes and the ability to define your own using CSS. With TASK TIMERS track how long you spend on tasks, with all timing data recorded in plain text.

beorg Premium is a monthly or annual subscription which unlocks all current and future beorg extensions whilst you remain a subscriber. Try for free with a 7-day trial. beorg is an indie app (it isn't being developed by large company) and relies on your support via in-app purchases to continue releasing new features.

Also in this release:

+ Swap swipe direction on agenda/TODO items from
+ Certain actions now show notification banners.
+ Fix for "show on" dates when used in combination with scheduled and/or deadlines.
+ Checkboxes now work when include in item notes.
+ You can search property drawers.
+ Hide individual Reminder lists.
+ Repeating date modifier ++ now handled correctly when the new date should be today.

If you are an Org mode user then the new TASK TIMERS extension is compatible with clocking.

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You can subscribe to beorg Premium via the Extensions Manager (near to the top of the Settings screen). If you have already purchased the extensions you want to use you won't get any benefit however from beorg Premium. If however there are extensions you haven't purchased then you may find it worthwhile subscribing to beorg Premium to unlock all current and future extensions. Thanks for your question!

I have beorg 3.2.0 (149) and have purchased extensions in the past.

You mention beorg Premium, but I don't see it.  I see three ways to leave a tip, that is all? This is on a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9" running iPadOS 13.2.2


Dear Matthew, Thank you so much for the app and for the update. Having used many apps, I always end at orgmode for at least part of my task management and beorg has been vital for that. I think the app is well made and caters to many different user groups. Personally, I am more than happy to pay you every month or every year as I know making these apps take a tremendous amount of effort. 

As I have your attention, I do want to point out one thing that bothers me about the app: the UI is somewhat clunky and you have to know exactly what buttons to push to get certain things done. If you will take one suggestion that will make the whole app much more smooth, I think you should implement a universal search function that will search for tasks, notes, filenames... everything and make it universally accessible throughout the app. Ideally, the implementation will be similar to how Things3 does it where you pull down and that directly takes you to the search function with your keyboard selected. In my experience, this spotlight like searching is ideal and very effective when the navigation can be quite complex otherwise.

Having said that the app is still quite good! Once again thanks for make my life easier!

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There is no intention to make a subscription mandatory. I'm hoping by offering both a subscription and the ability to unlock individual extensions permanently that will give users a valid choice to help them both get the most out of beorg and support future beorg development. For new users who would likely benefit from most or all of the extensions then a subscription will be cheaper - and gives a 7-day free trial. However for users who have already purchased the extensions prior to version 3 (and aren't interested in clocking or export themes) then it doesn't necessarily make sense for them to sign up for a subscription at the moment. Thanks for your support of beorg.

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As a refugee from a whole heap of apps which have gone to subscription (Editorial, Day one, Omnifocus) I can say without hesitation that I will never sign up for an app subscription plan. I already have to many recurring payments in my life, and I really hate realising that someone has continued to charge me for something I no longer use because I forgot to cancel it (or realising that a service I subscribe to would have cost me 75% less if I'd bought it a la carte). Please don't make this the only way of using Beorg. In my case I've already bought all the extensions which I need, and I'd really rather just pick the ones I want.
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