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"from completed" repeat type should not change time of day

If you have a task whose timestamp uses the .+x repeater, like: 

** TODO Brush teeth
DEADLINE: <2019-08-28 Wed 8:00 .+1d>

If the task is marked "DONE" at 2019-08-29 12:34, for instance, Emacs will set the new deadline to <2019-08-30 Fri 8:00 .+1d>, whereas Beorg sets it to <2019-08-30 Fri 12:34 .+1d>, changing the time of day.  I think the time of day should not change, to align with Emacs's behavior in this case.

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Thank you for reporting this. I've made a note to fix in a future release.

I got the same issue.

Is there any update on this?

I have a fix for this in the latest code - and will be in the next update coming soon.

Thanks, I can verify that this issue is fixed in the latest update!

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