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How to add Subtrees below an entry

It wasn’t mentioned on any of the guides I’ve read, but wouldn’t it be great to add a group of default Subtrees under your entry? I’m glad you asked!

As an example of how to do it I created a template to add a book I’m going to read:

1) Create a template;

2) Edit the Name and Save To fields (I used ‘Add Book’ and ‘personal’);

3) Make the Headline for your entry (appropriately it is ‘Title’);

4) Add the Subtrees to place the entry in the correct location in the file (in this case Books);

5) Edit the Notes field with the default Subtrees you want similar to the following:

*** Author
*** ISBN
*** Current Page
*** 0
*** Favorite Character
*** Favorite Scene

(The stars add the Subtrees under the entry - your stars may vary - and the zero is the note attached to the ‘Current Page’ entry)

Save the template and you're done.

Now when I add a book I have all these empty entries to fill in without having to manually put them there. if you have default Notes for a particular Subtree you can add them between the starred lines as I did for how far I’ve read.


I’m sorry. The formatting just vanished. Anyway to fix it?

I've edited the post to clean it up - hopefully is approximately how you intended it to look. Thanks for adding this to the forum - looks very useful!

Thanks Matthew. Only issue I see is “*** Current Page” and “0” are two separate lines.

I've updated it as you've suggested. Thanks!

The “0” doesn’t have anything before it. When that happens it’s added as a note tor the above “*** Current Page”.
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