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Support for 'delay the display' feature


If you want to delay the display of this task in the agenda, use ‘SCHEDULED: <2004-12-25 Sat -2d>’: the task is still scheduled on the 25th but will appear two days later. In case the task contains a repeater, the delay is considered to affect all occurrences; if you want the delay to only affect the first scheduled occurrence of the task, use ‘--2d’ instead. See org-scheduled-delay-days and org-agenda-skip-scheduled-delay-if-deadline for details on how to control this globally or per agenda.

 I noticed that beorg has the show up feature, maybe it's the same feature ? The '-2d' is supported by emacs already.

Thank you for highlighting this. beorg doesn't currently explicitly support this. I will look at adding this for a future release.

hi, I have lots of repeated todos need to use the the 'delay the display' feature, like the weekly report, I only need it to remind me at Saturday.

I have added it in emacs like below, but it's didn't support by beorg, it will not remind at any time, wish you will consider to support this time format, you can simply ignore the '-1d' if you didn't have enough time to support all the features. Thanks.


** TODO 周报                                                           :work:
DEADLINE: <2019-11-03 Sun 10:00 +7d -1d>


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Echoing that this would be a valuable feature for me as well - I have all my recurring subscriptions managed in Org mode with the format:

** TODO Spotify
DEADLINE: <2020-04-22 WED -5d +1m>

Even ignoring the `-5d` would be nice, as currently if that delay param is set the deadlined TODO won't show up in the agenda at all.




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I would also really like beorg to support parsing this, even if it just ignores it, so that deadlines with this format still show up.
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