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Beorg and git

Does anybody use beorg with git (Working Copy)? Do you still sync via another method within beorg or do you only use git? If you use both, what's your experience so far with syncing issues?

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I use iCloud sync only for the purpose of moving files between beorg and Working Copy.  Working Copy supports repositories whose checkouts are in iCloud folders.

What exactly does your workflow look like i.e. how do you modify files in beorg while syncing them with Working Copy? Do you use the share buttons in both apps to move files around? I’d like to move away from iCloud sync and use only git in the future.

I use Working Copy and iCloud sync in Beorg.  I have noticed a few syncing issues: after making an edit, the sync progress bar at the top of the interface flashes on and off several times (flashes on/off twice per file, I think?).  Making any edits while the sync progress bar is flashing is difficult because the interface interrupts you, and any edits you do manage to make seem to be lost.  I've found that I need to wait for the sync status indicator to completely settle down before making another edit.

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