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Scheme search for items-tag not working

I have, for example, a tag called “important”. Ultimately I want to build a more complicated expression excluding tags as illustrated in the Learning section. However, I cannot get the following simple expression to return any results: (string=? (item-tags item) “important”)) Is this a programming or user error, i.e. I am doing something wrong, or is there a problem with the item-tags function? Thanks for any help, Bill Day

Sorry, I copied the expression improperly. It is not the double parentheses. This does not work: (string=? (item-tags item) "important”)
The function item-tags returns a list of tags, so you can't compare a string to the result. What you want is:

(member "important" (item-tags item))
Thank you so much. I will try it right away. As you can no doubt tell, I am completely ignorant when it comes to Scheme, but I am trying to work it out. Thanks also for the awesome app; it was the key to allowing me to really get back to .org-mode as an organizer (which conveniently integrates well with mu4e as a mail client) in the age of the cell phone. I admit that it is possible that I am the world’s only employment lawyer who uses Emacs, but I love it (although my wife thought I was nuts when I set it up as a music player years ago — although that did not last). Anyway, Beorg is a great app, a real service, one of the few I use every day, and I try to throw a little contribution your way when I can. Apologies for going off topic.

Thanks for your comments - always great to hear from users. I hope to add to the 'simple' search syntax over time to allow for excluding tags, etc as Scheme is quite verbose to type on an iPhone/iPad - however if you create a saved search you only have to do it once.

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