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DEADLINE format like <2019-07-26 Fri 6:00pm +1m> not supported

As title said, the format `DEADLINE: <2019-07-26 Fri 18:00 +1m>`  is supported, but 6:00pm not supported.

Beorg 1.15.0(129)

Thank you for clarifying. I will take a look at this in due course.

I think it's support out of box, I haven't custom that variables.

org-time-stamp-custom-formats is a variable defined in ‘org.el’.

Its value is ("<%m/%d/%y %a>" . "<%m/%d/%y %a %H:%M>")

org-display-custom-times is a variable defined in ‘org.el’.

Its value is nil

I can input in org file

** TODO test

   DEADLINE: <2019-07-24 Wed 7:00pm>

And at the agenda view

  inbox: 19:00...... Deadline: TODO test

To be honest I didn't realise that Org mode supported non 24-clock format. Are you using a custom time format or does this work out of the box?

(One option for beorg here is to move the definition of the regular expressions used to match dates/times and the formatting of date/times to Scheme variables so that they can be overridden by users.)

I think so, I saved that in Emacs, Emacs support that format.

Looks like the date/time picker shows 6:00pm, but saves in 24h format. Probably for ease of comparison.
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