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can't get capture URL Scheme to work with templates via siri shortcuts

 I can't see how to add to the previous topic, so here's a duplicate.

I have the same problem as the OP. Here's a screenshot.

(1.72 MB)

Here's the actual message. Not sure if the dash is there because it's a line break or part of the message.


The operation couldn't be completed. (InterchangeCall-backErrorDomain error 0.) 


Was that the one posted by ‘Zeltak Brisbane’? If it is then I noticed the argument for file name for in the callback url used an extension which might be causing the problem.

Well kinda ... I've just realised that my situation is bit different. I'm using the  "Capture and store text from web pages" shortcut at

The shortcut is at

I was actually trying to work out a way of storing the path and filename of an image to Beorg, but figured I'd modify this shortcut rather than start from scratch.

Had another go and it was the name of the template. If it's not exactly right the shortcut fails. Here's a copy with a comment and a redirect back to Safari. I must say that I can't see where the 'template' variable is actually coming from.
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