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Fail to download externally updated file with WebDAV

First of all, thanks you so much for the awesome app!

I've been trying to setup a WebDAV sync for my org files. The upload works fine. I created a new file on beorg, add a new dummy todo item, and after clicking sync, the new file shows up on my server. But when I change the file on the server side, Beorg failed to download it. I presume that being able to upload the file means the WebDAV setup on my server works fine (password, ssl cred, path, etc)

Here's the log (

So beorg apparently was able to get the metadata(update timestamp) of the target file. but failed to fetch the file content. 404, if means the same thing as http, should indicate the file doesn't exist on server. But i'm pretty sure the file is there, coz i was able to fetch it with the same url in firefox.

lemme know if you need any more log.

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