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Sync with Secure ShellFish (via Files app)

I’d like to see support for the Files app, which would allow an easier use of plugin apps like Secure ShellFish for syncing using SSH / SFTP.

The reason to use this add on is it allows sync via Beorg <-> Files <-> Secure ShellFish <-> SSH/SFTP server. It also allows SSH keys, and also a offline mode (a paid feature) for when your not accessing the server. Especially good for when you don’t want to use a server not under your own control.

I do eventually plan on offering a sync option to use a directory selected by the Files app. However if you use beorg with iCloud sync then you should be able to access the beorg directory from other apps which support Files, I imagine this would include Secure ShellFish (although I haven't used that before).

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