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How can I specify a file view in init?

I want to open a file, say, it's "DIARY".

I COULD set init as :

(set! ui-start-tab "Files")

 and it worked.

But when I modified it as:

(set! ui-start-tab "DIARY")


(set! ui-start-file "Files")

 it  didn't work.

My Questions are as below:

  1. How can I open a specific file as the default view?
  2. How can I obtain the list of Scheme pre-defined-variables? Is there any REPL help command?
  3. Would you please put the Scheme/REPL part of document on the WEB?
Thank you very much!!!

1. This isn't currently supported - specifying a particular file as the default view. I will do some more thinking on this to see if it should be offered in a future update.

2. If you start the REPL there is a button top right with help on scripting. At the top of the help is a link to a file called "" which has all the beorg pre-defined Scheme functions and variables.

3. I'll look at doing that as would be a useful resource.

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Thank you Matthew.

1. I guess my use case is not so popular so you can make the priority low.

2. This document is great!!! I will enjoy this weekend with it :-D

3. I think it would be helpful for everyone.

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