beorg 2.15.0

This release has a number of new features.

Reminders support - you can now grant beorg access to show reminders in your agenda, in the same way as you can for calendar events.

Editing reminders/calendar events - you can do some basic editing of your reminders and calendar events. The editing includes updating the title, date/time (only start date - for calendar events the duration is kept), notes and deletion.

There are some new Scheme variables to give you some basic details about the device you are running on - device-name, device-model, device-os-version and device-type. A use case for this was someone wanting to make certain files readonly on one of his devices - there are likely lots more.

A bug fix for WebDAV users who had their devices set to 12-hour time is also in this release.

For those of you running the beta of iOS 13 then the crash on startup is fixed. If you spot any other issues let me know - I won't be starting testing with iOS 13 until the beginning of August once the betas are a little more progressed.

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